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China (Shanxi) International Preschool Education Industry and Equipment Exhibition (abbreviation: Shanxi Preschool Education Exhibition, English abbreviation PSE CHINA) positioning "internationalization, specialization, branding" set "brand display + brand franchise + business negotiation + precision docking + industry forum "Five in One" is an international preschool education exchange platform that leads the trend of preschool education products, spreads advanced preschool education concepts, and promotes the healthy development of the preschool education industry chain. With the support of the government and associations / commercial chambers / partners and after years of development, PSE CHINA is now the largest and largest preschool education exhibition in Shanxi. This exhibition will be held on November 6-8, 2020 in Shanxi Provincial Exhibition Hall-Taiyuan. This expo combines various professional conference forums and other high-standard simultaneous events to establish a publicity platform covering all of China to provide fast products for exhibitors. Enter the market to build the most effective trade channel. At that time, all relevant units are welcome to visit the exhibition, and gather in Taiyuan in 2020 to create brilliant together.
Expo News   
    [Visit benefits] Free bus, free hotel, reimbursement of tolls [ 2020-05-19 ]
    [Enterprise recommendation] 2 square meters of study table [ 2020-05-19 ]
    【Exhibitor Recommendation】 Zhejiang Xiangyanghua Teaching Equip… [ 2020-05-19 ]
    [Exhibitor Recommendation] Guangzhou Yougu Information Technology… [ 2020-05-19 ]
    Shanghai Huasenwei Education Supplies Co., Ltd. [ 2020-05-15 ]
Industry News   
    Guarding the "half of the country" of pre-school education, a new… [ 2020-05-26 ]
    Wang Xiaoping, member of the National Committee of the Chinese Pe… [ 2020-05-26 ]
    Accelerate the development of early education and pre-school educ… [ 2020-05-26 ]
    A picture to understand Yitong Culture and Education: The overall… [ 2020-05-26 ]
    Shanxi Province takes multiple measures to expand the supply of i… [ 2020-05-26 ]
As of November 6, 2020
The opening of Shanxi Preschool Education Industry and Equipment Exhibition
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