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China (Shenyang) International Pregnancy and Postpartum Restoration (Rehabilitation) Products Exhibition is an important part of "PBE CHINA International Pregnancy, Infant and Child Expo". Positioning "internationalization, specialization, and branding" integrating "brand display + brand joining + entrepreneurial negotiation + precise docking + industry forum" five in one, leading the industry and health industry trends, disseminating advanced industry and health concepts, and promoting the entire industry and health industry The international industry and health industry exchange platform for the healthy development of the chain. With the support of the government and associations/chambers of commerce/partners and after years of development, the exhibition is now the largest and largest industry exhibition in Northeast China.
This exhibition will be held at Shenyang International Exhibition Center on May 28-30, 2021. This exhibition combines various professional conferences and forums and other high-standard concurrent activities to establish a publicity platform covering all of China to provide quick access to exhibitors’ products The market builds the most effective trade channel. All relevant units are welcome to visit the exhibition and gather in Shenyang in 2021 to create brilliance together.
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Before May 28, 2021
The Northeast International Pregnancy and Postpartum Repair Exhibition opens
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